Custom App Development

Our health offer is based on the development of software for the health sector, including elements of computerization of specialized data, automatic calculation of scores, diagnostic assistance, automated production of documents, educational aids…

These softwares aim at :

  • federate all the professions involved within specialized units,
  • promote exchanges between hospital staff and prescribing laboratories,
  • improve patient flow,
  • control the medical data and make the information reliable,
  • refocus on the original businesses,
  • optimize searches,
  • standardize medical practices.

Benefits of the Quick Source Health offer


intuitive and guided use


Instantly integrated and accessible data


possible transmission data as well as statistical and epidemiological analysis


single and assisted entry


selection of truly comparable patients and constitution of "cohorts"


continuing medical education


controlled access to data

Why trust the Quick Source health offer?

We use a standardized base, allowing for rapid, efficient and cost-effective development, benefit from technical and functional know-how based on IT personnel qualified in the development of healthcare solutions and proven experience in the development of custom software for large groups.

Our softwares

CARCinomatosis Auto Scoring systEm

Quick Source, a company with extensive experience in the development of medical applications, presents CAR-CASE. Developed at the request of and in partnership with the Hospices Civils de Lyon, CAR-CASE is a software application for monitoring, evaluating and rating patients with peritoneal carcinoma tumors. It also includes export functions, information sharing, patient file edition...

A multilingual application, CAR-CASE offers several types of reading:

  • Scanner
  • MRI
  • TEP
  • Anapath
  • Surgical report

The application, which is multi-user and has been developed with the most recent technologies, allows for multi-reader and multi-position management by specialty. Depending on the data inserted, the evaluation and the automatic scoring system are carried out simultaneously by region (13), the consistency of the data being ensured by a validation system (Eisenkop score validation system).

The following scores are scored automatically:

  • PCI      
  • Gilly      
  • Fagotti      
  • Modified Fagotti   
  • Eisenkop

CAR-CASE proposes more than 100 specification criteria (adenopathies, aggravating factors, extra-peritoneal localizations, tumoral nature, size of nodules, ascites...).

papa software

Development of a software allowing patients of the Nantes University Hospital to evaluate, in complete autonomy, the evolution of their pathology. 

Thanks to the Papa software, the patients of the Nantes University Hospital are able to self-evaluate the progression of their disease at home, by means of a questionnaire on their difficulty in carrying out daily tasks. The curve deduced from the answers indicates to the patient whether it is necessary to schedule a visit to his or her physician.

To learn more, download the Papa reference sheet.


SAPHO software

An innovative tool for medical research on the Sapho syndrome.

The SAPHO software is a monitoring software for patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis which aims to highlight the SAPHO syndrome. This software is coupled with a website allowing experts to analyze anonymized patient data in order to compare their diagnoses.

To learn more, download the Sapho reference sheet


AMA software

A new protocol that facilitates the work of physicians in cancer treatment. The AMA software is a software that allows to follow the patients in chemotherapy. The doctor and the patient work together to follow the evolution of the disease and to adapt the treatment as well as possible.

To learn more, download the AMA reference sheet


Our credentials

Tracking OTEN International

The transport company Otec International asked Quick Source to set up its tracking system. This allows the sender to retrieve the delivery slip signed by the recipient in PDF.


For the 5th edition of the HandiChat operation, Interneto called on Quick Source to redesign the event site. For a week, the site broadcasts shows from the show live and on video. True Web TV, broadcasting live 11 hours a day, the site allows the active participation of Internet users before and during broadcasts. The integration and development of this 2012 version were carried out under Drupal.

For more information or any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!