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CARCinomatosis Auto Scoring systEm

CAR-CASE is a software that optimizes and standardizes the description of peritoneal lesions in any patient with carcinosis. It facilitates the tabulation of the peritoneal carcinosis index (PCI) of the 13 regions of the abdomen by taking into account the number of lesions, their nature and their location by affected structures. It also makes it possible to report more specific lesions of difficult or unresectable resectability and to describe adenopathies or other extra-peritoneal lesions. The following scores are automatically calculated :

  • PCI
  • Gilly
  • Fagotti, Fagotti-modified and Eisenkop for ovarian cancer

CAR-CASE offers several types of reading with dedicated interfaces for each specialty :

  • Scanner
  • MRI
  • PET scanner
  • Surgical
  • Anatomopathological

The application, developed with the most recent technologies, allows multi-reader and multi-user management by specialty. In addition, there are functions for exporting, sharing information, cross-functional studies between specialities, editing summary sheets for each patient, etc.

User manual

A user manual is available for download. Download the CAR-CASE manual (French)

Download the demo version

A demo version, allowing you to use the application and all its features, is available for free download. Download the CAR-CASE software (French)

 .NET Framework 4.0

The installation of the CAR-CASE software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

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