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Healthcare Solutions

Our Healthcare solutions is based on the development of software oriented towards healthcare businesses, présentant notamment des éléments d’informatisations de données spécialisées, de calculs automatiques de scores, d’assistance au diagnostic, de production automatisée de documents, d’aide-mémoire pédagogique …
With the aim of :


  • to unify all the services involved in specialized units
  • promote collaboration between hospital staff and prescribing laboratories
  • improve the flow of patients
  • control medical data and ensure the reliability of information
  • refocus on the core services
  • optimize research
  • standardize medical practices

The advantages of Quick Source Healthcare Solutions

  • simple and user-friendly : intuitive and guided use
  • speed : data instantly integrated and immediately accessible
  • fluid information flow : data transmission for statistical and epidemiological analysis
  • accurate and comprehensive information : unique and assisted data entry
  • simplified search selection of truly comparable patients and formation of "cohorts"
  • teaching aid : continuous medical training
  • security : controlled access to data

Why trust Quicksource Healthcare Solutions

We use a standardized foundation, allowing fast, efficient and cost-effective development, benefit from a technical and functional know-how based on a qualified IT staff in the development of Healthcare solutions and a proven experience in the development of custom software for Large Groups.

Healthcare Software

CARCinomatosis Auto Scoring systEm
Quick Source, a company with extensive experience in the development of medical applications, presents CAR-CASE.  Developed at the request and in partnership with the Hospices Civils de Lyon, CAR-CASE is a software program for monitoring, evaluating and rating patients with peritoneal carcinoma tumours. In addition, there are functions for exporting, sharing information, editing patient files, etc.

Multilingual application, CAR-CASE offers several types of reading :

  • Scanner
  • MRI
  • PET scan
  • Anapath
  • Surgical report

The application is multi workstation, developed with the most recent technologies, allows a multi-reader and multi workstation management by specialty. Depending on the data inserted, the evaluation and the automatic rating system are carried out simultaneously by region (13), the consistency of the data being ensured by a validation system (Eisenkop score validation system).

The following scores are automatically rated:

  • PCI
  • Gilly
  • Fagotti
  • Fagotti-modified
  • Eisenkop

CAR-CASE offers more than 100 specification criteria (adenopathies, aggravating factors, extraperitoneal localizations, tumor nature, nodule size, ascites...).

CAR-CASE Website

Visit the website.

Download the demo version.

A demo version is available for download. It allows you to test the application and all these features, from a fictitious database, reset every day. The application is available in French and English.
Download the CAR-CASE software (French)

.NET Framework 3.5

The CAR-CASE software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

PAPA Software
Development of software enabling patients at the Nantes University Hospital to evaluate, in complete autonomy, the evolution of their pathology. Thanks to the Papa software, patients at the Nantes University Hospital are able to self-assess the progression of their disease in their own country, through a questionnaire on their difficulty in performing daily tasks. The inferred response curve indicates to the patient whether it is necessary to schedule a visit to his or her practitioner. Logiciel Papa For more information download PAPA reference sheet.
SAPHO Software
An innovative tool for medical research on Sapho syndrome.

The SAPHO software is a software for monitoring patients with rheumatoid arthritis that aims to highlight the SAPHO syndrome. This software is coupled with a website that allows experts to analyze anonymized patient data to compare their diagnoses.

Logiciel Sapho

Logiciel Sapho

For more information download SAPHO reference sheet.

AMA Software
A new protocol that makes it easier for doctors to treat cancer. The AMA software is a software that allows to follow patients in chemotherapy. The doctor and the patient work together to monitor the progression of the disease and adapt the treatment as best they can.

Logiciel Ama

Logiciel Ama

For more information download AMA reference sheet.

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