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From the feedback collected from more than 7,000 teachers shows that 41 per cent.

Read more strike closer and closer. Awl presented the proposals of the government. Broniarz for DGP: Low flights PNA and FZZ social engineering contend that the trade unions during negotiations ongoing as of March 25 presented three proposals for wage growth. As indicated, they did not meet with the approval of the government. Unions argue that the government officials on Friday did not address the proposal FZZ and the PNA complex on Wednesday evening, involving the distribution of 30 percent. increases in two rounds – 15 percent. from 1 January to 15 percent. from 1 September this year. « The existing government proposals do not give rise to appeal the strike within the legally ongoing labor dispute. The strike will begin on April 8, 2019 year », – says afternoon Statement signed by the President of the Polish Teachers’ Union Slawomir Broniarz and head of the Industry of Science, Education FZZ and Culture Slawomir Wittkowicza.Rządowa party negotiation – leading several days of dialogue with the teachers’ unions in the framework of the Presidium of the Social dialogue – proposed on Friday a new social contract for the professional group of teachers, including increases and changing conditions pracy.Propozycja provides for a significant increase in wages, the system also takes into account the jump-Efficiency – increasing the dimension in the direction normal working hours OECD average in two variants.

The tangible result of the new social contract are higher wages, which in 2023 would amount to – depending on the variant – a certified teacher or 7700 zł 8100 zł gross per month. Read more Broniarz: Politicians, priests, all teachers in the pound. Are we slaves? [# RigamontiRazy2] increases covering all the teacher group (trainees, contract appointed and certified). In the case of the last stage career advancement are established increases in 2100 to up to 2,500 zlotys per month within four lat.Nauczyciel qualified will receive after making changes in the coming years, a variant of normal working hours 22 h 2020 – 6128 zł, 2021 – 6653 zł, 2022 – 7179 zł, 2023 – 7704 zł. If it is determined normal working hours at 24 hr (middle level OECD) qualified teacher would expect on average salary increase following 2020 – 6335 zł, 2021 – 7434 zł, 2022 – 7800 zł, 2023 – 8100 zł « .Zwiększenie normal working hours would be moving and covered a circular increase it every year, along with the hike granted until a ceiling of 22 (or 24) hours at the plate in 2023 roku.Założenia also include a forecast of natural attrition of teachers from the profession (eg due to retirement). the average of the years go 2010-2018 is in the range of 25-30 thousand. per year, and 80 per cent. of outgoing teachers is not replaced. estimates suggest that allows it to make changes without any additional staff reductions. presented by the government solutions are an additional offer next to the already complex . on Monday, at an extraordinary meeting of the RDS to the existing proposals made by the Ministry of Education January negotiation Deputy Awl added shortening the path of professional advancement, including trainee internship for up to 9 months, determine the amount of the allowance for education at the level of not less than 300 zł and reducing bureaucracy. On Tuesday, the government declared « other form of wage growth in education – on the basis of changes in the reallocation of extras » so that in September, teachers’ salaries have risen not by 5, but by more than 9 percent.

Educational « Solidarity »: we remain in dispute until the signing of the agreement takes into account the negotiated postulatyRada the National Section of Education « Solidarity » adopted on Friday position that remains in the collective dispute until the signing with the government agreement takes into account the previously negotiated postulates of the « Solidarity » .Negocjacje conducted with the government at the Center for Social Partnership « dialogue » by its representatives on Friday were the main topic of the extraordinary Council KSOiW.Sekcja advises that KSOiW « Solidarity » negotiated: salary increase of 15 percent. from January 2019 .; change the remuneration system (according to which teachers’ salaries would be directly linked to the average wage in the national economy, the new system should apply from next year), as well as the withdrawal of unfavorable provisions on the promotion and evaluation of teachers. homeworkmarket.me/ « The negotiating team KSOiW Trade Union + Solidarity + waiting for the signature of the agreement, « – says komunikat.Podniesiono in it, that so far has managed to win a 15-percent increase in wages in 2019. (still negotiated the introduction of the term) and the declaration of changes to the system of remuneration of teachers (at the turn of June and July to be presented draft amendments to the remuneration system, according to which teachers’ salaries would be linked to the amount of the average wage in the national economy) .Among the points indicated negotiated withdrawal from the unfavorable provisions on the promotion of teachers training and evaluation of teachers’ work (return to the previous regulations as of September 2018.) and the determination of the allowance for a minimum of education, which is to be 300 zł. Read more Heralded strike in education will not be the first. The largest took place in 1993 Educational « Solidarity » and criticized the presented Friday to the government proposal to increase the teaching load of teachers. It stressed that « such changes in the Charter of the teacher does not have the consent of our relationship. » Teachers do not forgive protests and sentiment among educators to radicalize – according to a report prepared at the request of the National Interschool Strike Committee – informs the newspaper. Read more « before Christ » instead of « BC »? Law and Justice deputy appeals to Glinski and Piontkowskiego about « decommunization » The document, which reached the « Rzeczpospolita », was prepared by researchers from the universities: Warsaw, the Jagiellonian and Gdańsk. From the feedback collected from more than 7,000 teachers shows that 41 per cent. of them consider a new strike notice necessary.

Support for the protest grows – up to 66 percent. – if he was not associated with the departure of arrays. Just 19 percent. teachers protest is considered as totally unnecessary – we read in the newspaper. According to « Rzeczpospolita », it is not true that the mood in education calmed down. – In the world of teaching continues to boil, come those who are behind radicalization activities. This is the effect that teachers felt snubbed by the government – says professor quoted by the daily. Michael Bilewicz, a psychologist at the University of Warsaw, co-author of the study, which was conducted in late June and early July.

Read more kindergarten retire. « We feel like the teachers sorts worse » The leader of the European Coalition Wielkopolska list to Parliament Ewa Kopacz met on Sunday with the inhabitants of Poznan. Before the meeting in an interview with the media, among others, addressed the to the ongoing strike of teachers. As she said, « I have heard many opinions, especially from the lips of those who currently govern the opinion that this is a political protest that of course comes only about the money. » – I want to say that it’s about something more – it’s about the dignity of the profession and the future of our children, because we are in the hands of the parents we give teachers the future of our children. As much as they will benefit from their education, as much as get such practical suggestions as to adult life, this will come in adult life. If today we want to talk about the fact that this protest is one way or another, I will say – this protest is to defend the dignity of the profession and the future of our children – she said. The former Prime Minister stressed that « if anyone today, critically assesses the situation and trying to blame on those who today protest, I am talking about teachers, I will say this: when we that we ruled, when one of us was a minister, the Prime Minister – never He is running away from responsibility.  » According to Health Minister responsibility for the situation, which is currently taking place in the Polish education system, « for the last deform, which was introduced for all this chaos and clutter correspond to those who govern. » / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js .id = id; js.src = « https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js » vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, « script », « VT-SDK ») ); / ** / – There is nothing to seek other guilty. I know that it is comfortable.

Most frequently wash their hands and say they are guilty, it is now napuścić of one another, that is, parents teachers and thus stand back and enjoy it, that is those teachers who so far were we well judged, who well they looked after our children – in the opinion of parents suddenly begin to act as those who are guilty of anything. We support teachers, support them in this determination. Of course, not imposing with any political support. Therefore, it’s more to hurt than helped them – she pointed out. Health Minister pointed out that just as doctors supported the protests of residents, so now is the striking teachers. – it is symptomatic of what is posted young doctors residents, who themselves have experience of protests in recent years. When I protested, signed an agreement today with this agreement are very unhappy and write on the Internet to teachers very important words: do not be fooled – she said. She added that he hoped that « today every reasonable citizen who knows that this is a difficult time for their children, difficult for parents because they must still deal with their children who do not go to school – that today, however, in spite of all the whole sympathy should look towards the teachers.  » Health Minister questioned as from the perspective of former Prime Minister assesses the actions of the current government, he said that « estimates are very clear. » – Because it is a special time, before Christmas, I do not want too radical to present statements at the moment and too radical to speak out on political issues, but I can say one thing: pretend nothing is happening, it is the worst methods – I podkreśliła.- I could almost 18 hours sit with the miners and mining compounds when they were protests Silesia.

It was not an easy conversation with the trade talks mining very difficult. But I escaped, I was not hid, I’m not pretending that nothing is happening, that there is no problem. I sat and talked. I can only advise my colleagues from the government at the moment, politicians – not to pretend that nothing is happening and began to solve the problem, which is a problem not only political for them, reputational, but it is a problem primarily for parents, children and of course for teachers – he was added the Prime Minister. Read more Beam: Prime Minister should take over the Ministry of Education, governing the country is not only preserves Poznan: are the results of recruitment; is not qualified 3.4 thousand. osóbPonad 17.8 thousand. students participated in the recruitment to the post-primary schools and secondary schools in Poznan. Is not qualified 3.4 thousand. people. The city ensures that every person wishing to continue their education in the Poznan school will find a place for siebie.W Greater graduates of primary schools and middle schools met on Tuesday the results of recruitment to schools.

This year, in the region of 70760 graduates for primary and secondary schools 74233 prepared space in the Greater prepared szkołach.Stolica 8274 places for graduates of secondary schools and 7831 for students leaving high school. As said Tuesday at a press conference the director of the education department of the municipality of Poznan Przemyslaw Foligowski, the city has prepared twice as many seats than graduates is their primary and gimnazjów.- prepared 16 thousand. 105 seats, and our graduates – Poznań who come to this recruitment is the 8,173th to recruit signed up 17 thousand. 833 students. Students from other districts, often very distant, volunteered to recruit for fear of rejection in their village, so that the number of applications is much greater than ever before – powiedział.Miasto reported that the schools in Poznań received applications from young people from almost all regions of Wielkopolska and even single from Szczecin, Warsaw, Swinoujscie, Koszalin, Lublin or Czestochowa. Qualified was nearly 14.4 thousand. uczniów.- We have 3410 students not qualified, that is, where an electronic recruitment system due to their selected schools, their preferences and the number of points does not assign to any of the schools.

At the same time we have more than 1.7 thousand vacant. places in educational institutions – handed Foligowski.Z the total number of students not qualified in Poznan, the largest group are people who want to get into secondary schools – 2,568 people. In the case of a technical was 781 people, and trade school degree – 61 candidates. In 2018. Students who did not get into any school was 1.2 tys.Prezydent Jacek Jaśkowiak wrote Tuesday in one of the social media that « Deform education is a failure of the government of Law and Justice », and the recruitment of double vintage « is the most glaring evidence « .- Despite the lack of financial and organizational support of the government we have done everything in our power to ensure a sufficient number of students in secondary schools. Many students, despite the hard work and good results, but will not get to the chosen school. This drama of these young people, for which to blame only the Law and Justice.

This reform – which was confirmed by the report of the NIK – was ill-prepared and ill. Caused chaos and deterioration in the quality of education. It is a failure and an example of extreme irresponsibility of this government – said Tuesday Jaśkowiak.Przemysław Foligowski stressed that, in accordance with earlier declarations city authorities « every student who aspired to be acceptable to our schools – will be adopted » .- In front of us at the moment stage of the recruitment complementary. This recruitment will include places that have not been planted at this stage, and all the places that they return to the pool, because the students who have been admitted, will not benefit from the offer, « – he said. He explained that if the recruitment of supplementary remain graduates who did not get into any school, « together with the directors of educational institutions will make efforts to create additional space, perhaps extra troops – so that every student willing to accept for the Poznan school had such szansę.Komisje Recruitment announce the results of the recruitment procedure on July 25, the same day, school principals communicate to the superintendent the number of vacancies in their establishments.