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J2EE Development

JAVA EE (Java Enterprise Edition) has been the first internet architecture with significant reliabilty and scability characteristics, and a truly object-oriented model.
Through frameworks such as Struts, Spring and Hibernate, it is also the first architecture to have implemented architecture patterns such as MVC (Model View Controller), IOC (Inversion of Control) or Object-oriented model (ORM), now generalized to all other architectures.

Our team has business and technological expertise in the field of Java EE Information Systems implementation. to support customers throughout their project and far beyond. This expertise has been honed over the years working on several projects.

Quick Source, is convinced that open source is now a real opportunity to offer a quality service at a controlled cost, offers its customers a special Java EE open source package. The Open Source approach guarantees free access to mechanisms and frameworks which gives an ability to extend, customize and implement unprecedented interoperability between systems.

Quick Source's open source Java EE development is based on carefully selected solutions, firm technological foundation, a real ease of customization and evolution. We bring an approach, expertise and a global service to companies based on open source software, helping them to integrate them into their information systems.

The creation of a dedicated open source Java EE team within our company makes it possible to bring together open source skills and a real commitment to our customers on this subject. Our offer combines a strong open source technicality with an detailed understanding of the problems and expectations of companies.


Quick Source's open source Java EE development covers all the key actions of infrastructure design :
- The audit of the IT environment
- The study of targeted archtitectures
- Consulting and technological monitoring ;
- Optimisation of information systems ;
- The indentification and formalization of technical specifications;
- Drafting of "state of the art" procedures for system integration ;
- Identification of strategies of deployment ;
- Designing prototypes and testing ;
- Supporting and/or implementing architectural migrations.

Quick Source's open source Java EE development makes available to its customers all the essentials competencies for the success of their projects :
- A high level of expertise ;
- A deep understanding and a quality approach ;
- Packaged offers based on best practices ;
- A mastery of tools and qualified resources ;
- Value addition and sharing of knowledge ;
- Many references and feedback ;
- Partnerships with the main suppliers of the market.

Areas of activity

Quick Source intervenesin Java EE development, in multiple fields :

Banking, insurance and financial markets. Combining technical skills in JAVA EE and business-oriented skills, we propose innovative solutions aux différentes institutions financières telles que les banques, assurances et salles de floors…

Telecommunications : we support operators, manufacturers and publishers in the development and integration of their information systems.

For clients in other sectors such as energy, transport, industry, retail and public administration, we also offer consulting, development, optimisation and integraton of information systems.

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